The Hundreds x Garfield Pop-Up Shop

By - December 2nd, 2010

The Hundreds x Garfield Pop Up Shop

As we mentioned in our preview of the The Hundreds x Garfield capsule collection, Bobby Hundreds is going all-out with the Garfield project. Not stopping with the apparel and accessories, The Hundreds has popped up an entire retail location to support the project. In terms of pop-up retail, this is the antithesis of a Comme des Garcons Guerrilla store, but that’s the best thing about it: the absurdly annoying Disney Store vibe is perfect, because it’s only going to last through December. Almost totally passable as a Garfield merchandise store, this is a guaranteed customer confuser. The Hundreds have a track record for well-executed retail space builds (the Soho flagship’s upholstered faux-elegance, the “cave” at the Tenderloin store) and this is no exception. It’s filled with Garfield x The Hundreds retail displays and prints on the walls, and whoever gets those after the pop up closes is very lucky. Check the full gallery after the jump to see how well The Hundreds does it.

The Hundreds x Garfield Pop Up Shop
416 Broadway | MAP
Santa Monica, CA

The Hundreds x Garfield Pop Up Shop

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