size? x adidas Originals Birmingham

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Sneakerheads around the world will know that this year is the 10th anniversary for UK-based sneaker retailer size?, if only because the groundbreaking retailer is releasing a series of special shoes to commemorate the occasion. We've covered the previous releases - check them out here - and now December brings the final shoe in the set. Set for release on December 18th, the final shoe is an adidas Originals Samba-inspired trainer, in a Cadbury-inspired colorway. The suede upper is the rich purple of the Cadbury logo, and sole is a chocolate brown rubber. The shoe pays homage to the location of the original Cadbury factory, with "Birmingham" in gold foil on the side. Also in gold foil, each of the 500 pairs are numbered on the heel. Obviously this a big, big shoe for sneakerheads from Birmingham, but it's a pretty sweet offering for anyone. The bittersweet backstory is that size? picked Cadbury - the symbolically English company - as the inspiration for this shoe, but Cadbury was famously sold to Kraft foods, in a very controversial deal, last February. Corporate politics aside, it's a great shoe to finish the 10th anniversary series. Check out some detailed images after the jump. via: size?