adidas Originals - Tofomatic

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Even if you do speak French, there can be a pretty large WTF factor when first encountering the Tofomatic project by adidas Originals. The basic details: adidas brought it's Tofomatic photo booth to ten stores in France, and over 1500 people were photographed, all wearing adidas Originals. Each person struck a very specific dance pose - as dictated by the Tofomatic booth - and the shots were put together, frame by frame, to create an experiment in crowd-choreography. The resulting video is a really fun watch; it has a creative feel, and a good sense of real-world style. Obviously a creative marketing hit for adidas, and the whole thing is backed up by a Flash-tastic website,, on which you can view each of the dance pose photos. Check out the video after the jump, as well as some shots from the opening night of the project, October 19th, at the adidas brand center on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, which help make more sense of the project.