Nike WMNS Air Feather High – Workboot Pack

By - December 5th, 2010

We first saw the Quickstrike Workboot Pack back in 2009, when Nike released two colorways of the Air Royal with some major workboot influences. It was pretty clear that the Quickstrike was a success, and Nike released the follow-up last June, with the Air Rally Workboot, that brought the style to a low top. And for Winter 2010, Nike is making the Workboot Pack available to Women with the Air Feather High, again in both black leather and burgundy leather versions. Virtually all of the same style and design influences are present, with the addition of an ankle strap, and a solid color midsole (both previous versions had a two-toned midsole). These are a well-done translation of the workboot style over to a Women’s sneaker, and definitely a hit for Nike Women. Check out both versions after the jump. via: