Heritage x Junkyard Jeans – Underground Railroad Varsity Jacket

By - December 11th, 2010

The varsity jacket has become a statement piece for designers, both streetwear and couture, but here’s one with a bit more depth than most other versions being produced right now. The Heritage Varsity Jacket is the result of a team put together by Dr Romanelli: Eric Schrader of Junkyard Jeans and the documentary Blue Gold, and Jovan James from UNITE. Materials are sourced, constructed and chainstitched (with vintage machines) by Eric Schrader. This is a varsity jacket in the 1950’s style, as a opposed to the 1980’s style that is more popular this year; it’s created with wool and leather from Oregon and Idaho, then handmade in Los Angeles. The Heritage label is inspired by brand’s location on a major stop on the original Underground Railroad in Massachusetts, and the lantern logo is based on a symbol of safe passage for escaping slaves. Varsity jackets are obviously on everyone’s radar this year, but they’re also now a dime a dozen; this one brings back old fashioned quality and workmanship together with meaningful history. Images after the jump. The collection is limited to 12 pieces, and is available at UNITE.