Nike Sportswear China – Destroy To Create | Event Recap

By - December 11th, 2010

Nike Sportswear China   Destroy To Create | Event Recap

Nike Sportswear China – Destroy To Create

To destroy, a concept usually characterized with adverse notion in the contemporary context. In actuality, however, the notion served a greater purpose when compared with ancient beliefs around the world. Be it Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and others, destruction brought about change, it fostered birth (or rebirth), it facilitated new ideas, theories, and such. To destroy was not the end, as we believe it to be now, but the seed for a new beginning. Thus, the new theme for Nike Sportswear China‘s new audacious campaign this winter Destroy To Create.

In its reinterpretation of what destruction is, Nike Sportswear enlisted help from a dynamic list of talents, artists to fashion designers, influencers to market makers. Each from genres of creativity far apart, yet all shared the ability to think outside of that proverbial box. Therefore, they are the catalysts of change, they are the Destroyers.

By the mean of destruction does not necessary equate to end of all. Instead, a re-birth of sort can come from it. So in honoring the ideals of its Destroyer Jacket, Nike and Nike Sportswear China enlisted a group of creative types to help it realize those ideals. Each an iconoclast in his or her field, these talents are setting the stage for China’s evolution from an industrial powerhouse to a creative force of the world. But first, much of the preconceived notions, both local and abroad, must be blot out. Hence, this group of selected individuals is known as The Destroyers.

Andrea Crews, Zhang Dali, Wilson Brothers, Jin Chongyu (Les Jin), Masha Ma, Qiu Hao, Les Suen, Uma Wang, Xu Chuang, Vega Wang, Milk Magazine, Xander Zhou, Sankuanz, Kim Kiroic, Zhang Na, Ye Qian, with appearance by athlete Liu Xiang, known as Chinese Flying Man for his feat as the winner of the 110-meter Hurdles in the Asian Games, the unveiling of Destroy To Create Art Event earlier today was one with much acclamation. It was also one with excitement since this was the first time all of the participants presented their concepts to the public. To complement the creative aura the exhibition instilled, DJ Gildas, one half of French creative group Kitsuné, revved the gathered crowd into the wee hours of Friday night.

Nike Sportswear China   Destroy To Create | Event Recap

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