Leica S1 – Leica’s First Digital Camera | Circa 1996

By - December 14th, 2010

Not to long ago, 14 years to be exact, Leica introduced its first digital camera, the S1, to the world. While comparatively inferior to the econo point & shoot spammed across the market now, the S1 had some revolutionary functions, even by today’s standards. The digital scanning back camera captured a 36mm x 36mm image via the usage of 35mm lens from Leica R-Series, along with lens from Canon, Nikon, Contax, and Minolta, making it “truly” interchangeable. A triple linear CCD sensor takes in each exposure at around 185-second or 3 minutes but the resulted 17″x17″ image at 300 dpi was astounding for its time. Of course, all the cutting edge functions came at a cost of around $21,500… via: ISO50//B&H