Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – World’s First Ferrari Theme Park

By - December 16th, 2010

All Photo by PR-Nord Neue Kommunikation

Need to tame that black stallion within all of us Ferrari fanatics? Then you must book a flight to Middle East kingdom of Abu Dhabi. No long a desert oasis mentioned causally in the Garfield comic stripe, Abu Dhabi is now a thriving gem along the Persian Gulf and like its neighbor Dubai, a favorite playground for the rich and famous. Where else would they construct an amusement park dedicated to Ferrari?

Covered an area that would fit 7 football stadiums, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world’s largest indoor amusement park. Another world’s largest, the Ferrari emblem on its roof, measured 65-meter (213 feet) in length or about an area of 7 basketball courts combined. However, an amusement park is all about its rides and Ferrari World boasts some of the best. The centerpiece is Formula Rossa. Clocked at 150 mph, it is the world’s fastest roller coaster. The premise is to induce the same G-force a real Formula 1 driver would experience during competition. There are also more kid-friendly aspect, such as a children driving school with kid-size Ferrari F430 GT Spiders and a carousel with Ferrari prototype cars. But with so much activities, we would be surprise if you book your flight for one-way trip only. via: Fast Company


Extremely cheesy. Totally cheapens the classic prestige of the Ferrari brand. Lame.