Fresh Destination: Nuremberg | Anne Nierhaus of Adidas Originals

By - December 23rd, 2010

Fresh Destination: Nuremberg | Anne Nierhaus of Adidas Originals

Perhaps not the first city to come to mind when one thinks about Germany (unless one has already gone through Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich first), but Bavaria’s second-largest city, Nuremberg, is one that will evoke a sense of familiarity. Or rather, notoriety, for it was the perfect stage where the Nazis staged their activities ranging from heated party rallies. And, it was where the infamous Nuremberg Laws outlawing Jewish citizenship was enacted. Post WWII, the city was chosen to hold the War Crimes Tribunal, also commonly known as the Nuremberg Trials.

However, 20th century politics aside, Nuremberg was the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire and a beloved residence for German kings. It is also the city where the royal family stowed their crown jewels; and in the 19th century, the heart of Germany’s industrial revolution. Today, Nuremberg is located in close proximity to some of the world’s largest brands, including sportswear giants adidas and Puma, as well as Siemens. The vibrant city is also draws quite a crowd during summer and Christmas, as the city is famed for its spectacular Christmas market.

After a trip to London, followed by Shanghai on the other side of the globe, we are now back in Europe with Anne Karin Nierhaus (lovingly known as AK), Trend Marketing Manager at adidas, who will be our guide for the delightful but more left of center city of Nuremberg. Perhaps, few are as qualified as AK to give a grand tour of the city, for she is a native born and raised in a small village called Wendelstein just outside of Nuremberg. Before AK started coordinating adidas Trend offices in Berlin, New York City, Tokyo and London in various cross-divisional projects that involves both Style and Performance in adidas, such as adiCup, she was quite the traveler. She worked as a nanny in the South of France and Connecticut, and jetted around Europe as a flight attendant for a year. With an eye for the hip and happening (and what’s to be the next happening thing), AK will take us through three great finds for Eats, Shops and Spots, so we can experience The Berg (an affectionate moniker for Nuremberg) the way locals do.

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