By - December 23rd, 2010

Aside from his market showmanship, what people often don’t know about Nigo is his impeccable talent for trend forecasting. While others opened hair salons for adults, the founder of A Bathing Ape was quick to realize parents were more willing to splurge on their children instead of themselves, hence the opening of BAPE Cuts. He purposely situated BAPE Café at the border of 2 neighborhoods, Harajuku, an already established shopping district, and Sendagaya, where many major retailers moved to. Tired shoppers could rest for a bit before moving onto the next shopping destination. Though both establishments have closed down since. Nigo’s entrepreneurship spirit is still searching for the next opportunity. And perhaps that opportunity might be curry.

A traditional staple of Southeast Asia, curry became a favorite meal for the Japanese because of ease of preparation and speed. In fact, the preferences for curry outweigh some of the traditional Japanese cuisines. Nigo took all these into account, along with its affordability factor. The result was CURRY UP, which opened February of this year. With help from friend architect Masamichi Katayama (片山正通) and his firm WONDERWALL, Nigo established a streamlined space where the focus is on the food served. Like many Japanese restaurants, an open kitchen gives customers to see how their meal is made. And of course, similar to his apparel line, there are limited edition flavors at CURRY UP as well. Recently recommended as “Best Eat” on CNNgo.com restaurant review, CURRY UP is on the border between neighborhoods Harajuku and Sendagaya.

CURRY UP Restaurant
2-35-9-105 Jingumae | Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan