Nike ACG Lunar Racer Vengeance Terra – Light Brown + Grey | Pre-Order

By - January 3rd, 2011

Nike has hits and misses when trying to combine influences from the past and the present in a single shoe. Sometimes it works very well though, and one example is this Lunar Racer Vengeance Terra (which we previewed in December). Based on the Vengeance from the early 1980’s, which was a staple in the lightweight runner segment, this version sports a fully modern Lunarlon cushion sole. The design inspiration also took a chapter from the 1990’s, with a restrained dose of ACG styling. Anything getting stamped ACG often means wild aqua, purple, or orange, but there is none of that here – just a little DNA from the classic ACG Terra, a speckled midsole, and a woven lace. The upper features a good amount of ventilation, covered up with fine mesh. This should be a classic even for those who love to hate Nike’s efforts to revive older design influences within new models. The Lunar Racer Vengeance Terra is available for pre-buy from Crooked Tongues, with a February delivery date expected. Check out more shots after the jump.

Release Date: February 2011