Fresh Destination: Tokyo | Marvin Chow of Google

By - January 4th, 2011

Fresh Destination: Tokyo | Marvin Chow of Google

Produced by: Dan Hwang
Written by: Emily Chang

As one of the most influential soft powers in the world, Japan is an archipelago of cultural wealth and products (and perhaps, has the coolest superhero–the Ninja) that are not only big in Japan. The Shinkansen, Manga, Sony, BAPE, and of course, Sushi, are just a few exports that have earned their places in the world and some, in the English dictionary and Cartoon Network. And these, are quite the soft diplomatic solutions that have put Japan in the world’s good graces, and acted as a chamomile lubricant where tension might have existed (China might not cease their fight for the disputed islands, but Chinese teenagers have no qualms embracing the latest BAPESTA into their world). And it is in this country where “Made In Japan” equates not to production origin, but to an assuring quality and devotion to craft, that its capital, Tokyo, acts as the command center that bridges Japan to the rest of the world.

Tokyo is one not only home to the Koshitsu (Imperial Family), it is also notorious for being the most expensive city in the world, but for good reason. Tokyo is perhaps one of the most vibrant spots in the world with arguably the best culinary spread, a city of trendsetting residents, and an interesting juxtaposition of technology, art as well as history and culture.

For the fourth installment of Fresh Destination, and also the first for 2011, Freshness and Marvin Chow of Google will be taking everyone through the coveted, the known and the lesser known wonderful places for retail therapy, gastronomy and more. As a resident of Tokyo as well as a globetrotter, the places Chow has lived is quite as extensive and artistic as his resume. Prior to his current gig as the Asia Pacific Marketing Director for Google, the self-dubbed nomad, gun for hire, passionate dreamer… was a veteran of household names such as Nike, Reebok, Nickelodeon. Having worked through Nike as Marketing Director of Nike Korea, Nike Japan and Nike Greater China, Chow was an indispensable major player in leading some of the most memorable campaigns such as the Tokyo launch of Nike Sportswear, the 2008 Mt. Fuji Human Race, and multiple, multi-city summer campaigns and tours featuring Kobe, LeBron and Chris Paul.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the city of Tokyo with a fork in one hand, a credit card in another, and a great pair of kicks.

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