SBTG Garage Days – Customized Apparel & Lifestyle Collection

By - January 4th, 2011

World famous customizer SBTG is revisiting his D.I.Y. roots to create a new collection of customized apparel, accessories and footwear called Garage Days. The collection takes note from SBTG’s childhood hobby of customizing everyday objects around him, from printing his own tees, painting his toys and as simple as putting a few patches on his backpacks. In 2003, SBTG moved onto customizing his sneakers and his skillful and creative hand gained him the attention of sneaker heads world wide. In this new decade, that creative energy has come full circle with Garage Days, a line full of artistic expression. While attention is put on the Garage Days apparel and sneaker collection, customized signs, lamps, and even a hanger set are all part of the collection. All are available at