Ten One Design – Fling Tactile Game Controller For iPad

By - January 5th, 2011

As expected, with the world’s largest electronic trade show, Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES, about to start. Plenty of gadget makers have already positioned their newest tablet-base device as “The iPad Killer”. While many have proclaimed that particular title, none have really lived up to the expectations. Some have even become the consumer dreaded “vaporwares”. In the midst of all the limelight seeking, there was this from Ten 1 Design (Ten One Design), the Fling Tactile Game Controller for the Apple iPad.

A thoughtfully designed joystick, the Fling‘s suction cup attachment permits the positioning of the controller to gamer’s preferences. Made with translucent plastic, it enhances the immersiveness of the game without obstructions to the view. Comes in 3 colors and a microfiber carrying pouch, the gaming experience of Angry Birds will never be the same. You can pre-order the Fling for $24.95 at the One Ten Design online store.

YouTube Preview Image