KIKS TYO x Kinetics – Year of the Bunny T-Shirts

By - January 6th, 2011

KIKS TYO x Kinetics   Year of the Bunny T Shirts
The year 2011 is also known as the year of the rabbit on the zodiac calender and expect rabbit inspired products to be released from various brands this year. Headlining the year of the rabbit, KIKS TYO and Kinetics have teamed up to produce a capsule collection with a catchy name, KINEKIKS. Over the month of January to May, several items are scheduled to be released and the Year of the Bunny t-shirts are part of the first delivery. The design features bikini clad Aya Kiguchi sporting Bulls jacket, Jordan VI and bunny ears. Looney Tunes inspired font also reference to a certain bunny that is close to home for basketball fans. Black and white versions are available and these can be purchased right now at KIKS TYO online shop.

KIKS TYO x Kinetics   Year of the Bunny T Shirts

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