RE-Fresh: Nike Blazer (1972)

By - January 7th, 2011

RE Fresh: Nike Blazer (1972)

The iconoclastic rancor of the mid to late 60s still resonated in the early 1970s with Anti-Vietnam protests and widespread youth unrest. Stevie Wonder had just released his landmark Innervisions album and there was a major shuffle in power positions in Hollywood with the rise of directors like Scorcese and Coppola, who were making their indelible mark on cinema during those years. In short, the masses were calling for shifts away from antiquated models and ideas. The Blazer was born during this time of flux, and it’s aggressive swoosh, tab above the midsole, and heel logo melded for a design that met with success and marked Phil Knight and his upstart company as one that understood the pulse of the people.

During the 70s, the popularity of the shoe grew with clever marketing by Nike, and the 80s still found wearers of the Blazer in the pro ranks. And almost 40 years after the original model released, we still see regular releases under the Nike Sportswear banner. But before Sportswear featured revamped models, a Nike spokesperson named Lance Mountain pitched the idea of a modified version of the Blazer to Nike’s Skateboarding line. The SB Blazer added cushioning to the collar and padded the insoles with Zoom Air to aid the rider with stability and cushioning. One Blazer SB that has made sneaker fans drool since it’s release is the Supreme SB Blazer, which features a luxe quilted leather (the likes of which would normally be found on a Chanel bag), and a green and red, Gucci-inspired heel tab with a gold embossed loop.

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they are deadstock, why dont u read the post. These are clean, but now they're played out