Gourmet – Spring 2011 | Preview

By - January 10th, 2011

As the brand consultant for eyewear label Mosley Tribes, Jon Buscemi had the unenviable task of forecasting trends and colors each season. Fortunately for Buscemi, he’s other duty is as the designer for Gourmet, a footwear brand he co-founded.  This creative outlet allows Buscemi to explore the possibilities and try new combination like those found on Gourmet’s Spring 2011 Collection.  From bright yellow upper, cheetah print on suede and magenta midsole with muted grey upper, the Spring 2011 line is not such of future looking design theme but one of nostalgic, where a brown calf leather upper mimic that of baseball glove and the vibrant yellow taken from the now defunct Sony Walkman Sport.  The Gourmet Spring 2011 Collection, set to launch at select retailers in the coming months.