Banksy – Save Or Delete Jungle Book | Painting Sold For $121,700 At Auction

By - January 11th, 2011

An interesting art work went for bit earlier this morning in London’s Bonhams auction house. Lot number 67 on its Urban Art venue is a work by none other than Banksy. Sold for £78,000, or around $121,700, the painting, titled “Save or Delete Jungle Book” elaborated on Banksy’s usual black humor, with the lead characters from Disney Jungle Book cartoon, bounded, blind-folded and prepped for beheading. In front of them, a hooded executioner at the ready. Commissioned in 2001 by environmental advocacy group Greenpeace, the work was to be a new worldwide campaign to address the devastating nature of deforestation. Originally meant to be reprinted on posters, billboards, and postcards, Greenpeace abandoned the project after Disney sent a “cease and decease” letter because of copyright infringement. Always having the last laugh, Banksy also included a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control Office with the painting.


It is not cease and decease.... There is no such thing. it is Cease and Desist. that is the legal term.