Nike Air Force 1 Supreme – Year Of The Rabbit | Detailed Look

By - January 12th, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme   Year Of The Rabbit | Detailed Look

According to one version of Chinese folklore, in a time before religions and nations, the Jade Emperor ruled all, from the heavens to the earths. To better gauge his vessels’ abilities, his highness invited the creatures of the land to a race. First came the rat, cunning and devious, who won the race by riding on the ox, whose kindness gained it the second place. With aggression and single-mindedness, came the tiger in third. Next was the gentle rabbit, who let the tiger through and took forth home. And so goes the origin of Chinese Zodiac and its representation of the 12 animals. That cycle is about to move once again on February 3rd, as billions of Chinese and those with Chinese ancestry welcome the New Year the Year of the Rabbit.

As it has done each of the 9 years before, Nike will usher in the Chinese New Year with the 10th installment of its Chinese New Year Collection. To remark on the joy experienced during this time of festivities, designers at Nike Sportswear China looked at a gamut of references before the decision on a familiar icon in China White Rabbit Creamy Candy. Made from milk, the toffy-like candy was a repository of happy memories for both kids and adults. What better method to express the same joy through mimicry? Designed on one of two base models for Chinese New Year Collection, the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Year of the Rabbit took cues from the classic favorite and transposed them into elements of the shoe. The semi-translucence outsole, the all white leather and suede upper are the ideal facsimiles of the candy and its wax paper wrapping, while the accents in bright red and royal blue are maker’s markings found across the packaging. Done in exact fashion, the shoe insole denotes the edition and Nike Swoosh in familiar fonts. As inklings to the Year of the Rabbit, a fur-like chenille Swoosh along with a corresponding tongue tab in red or royal blue. In addition, a large Chinese character for rabbit is imprinted on the tongue tab as well, plus a wood craving motif of the animal itself on the heel tab.

2 versions will be available one with limited edition packaging, in the shape of a giant White Rabbit Creamy Candy, is scheduled for January 23rd with a price of RMB¥ 2,599 (~USD$393). This will be follow by a general release version on January 28th at a price of RMB¥1,999 (~USD$302). Along with the footwear, a matching set of Nike Sportswear AW77 Hoodie will be available for purchase. This China exclusive is set to launch at Nike Beijing Store, Nike Sanlitun Store, Nike Beijing Oriental Plaza Store, Beijing Deal, Nike Shanghai Store, Shanghai Juice and Shanghai NPC.

Release Dates:
January 23rd (Sunday) Limited Edition Packaging
January 28th (Friday) General Release

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme   Year Of The Rabbit | Detailed Look

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