Nike Sportswear – K.O.B.E. Collection – Apparel

By - January 12th, 2011

Nike Sportswear   K.O.B.E. Collection   Apparel

An archetype based of four pillars Know, Originate, Battle, and Elevate, they are the believes that have propelled Kobe Bryant to stardom and the annal of basketball. To honor the man, his legacy thus far, and his yet to come accomplishments, Nike Sportswear is set to launch the K.O.B.E. (Know, Originate, Battle, Elevate) Collection in Spring 2011.

In addition to the collection’s K.O.B.E. Destroyer Jacket, which previewed earlier today, the K.O.B.E. Collection includes a range of hoodie, t-shirts, rugby jersey, and more.  In relation to the 4 motto mentioned, each design comes with symbolism –  To Know is the learning curve Bryant embarked upon as a professional basketball player. To Originate, in the shape of Ace of Spade emblem signify his high school basketball team, the Aces of Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia, while  To Battle is Bryant’s inclination to overachieve, in the form of letterings. Last but not least, To Elevate, a tricolor crest on the right sleeve in Green, Black, Red, figuratively the national colors of Italy, Bryant’s birthplace as well as his Afro-American root. Of course, let’s not forget the Roman numeral  XXIV for 24, Bryant’s jersey number.  More incline as lifestyle wear than performance gear, the K.O.B.E. Collection will be available at  Nike Sportswear retail locations in the coming weeks.

Nike Sportswear   K.O.B.E. Collection   Apparel

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