Nike Sportswear Spring/Summer 2011 Greater China Media Summit

By - January 12th, 2011

Nike Sportswear  Spring/Summer 2011  Greater China Media Summit

Foreigners once called it “Paris of the Orient”, while conservative Chinese deplored its decadence and wastes. Indeed, such fate is the city of Shanghai, a clash of cultures, times, and generations. Such tension is less visible now, in fact, most have disappeared. But the remnants of the once common conflicts remain as hundred floors skyscrapers overtake the majestic Beaux Art headquarters of multi-national corporations that no longer exist. Such harmonized integration of otherwise polarize factors is the success of this city of 19 million. And again, served the backdrop for the debut of Nike Sportswear Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Organized within the maze-like confine of event space 800 SHOW, the Greater China Media Summit for Nike Sportswear Spring/Summer 2011 was one of linear presentation. Compartmentalized in product segments and timeline, the collection, like Shanghai itself, was a sampling of old and new. A revisit of the classics with Nike Sportswear V-Series footwear, in the forms of Nike Vengeance, Nike The Venue, and Nike Vortex. Then a reinterpretation of those same classics in Nike Sportswear V-Series+ footwear with Nike Lunar Vegeance+, Nike The Lunar Venue+, and Nike Vortex+. Old favorites, like those from Nike Sportswear’s own NSW Collection, appeared with a strong product lineup. There were also newly established ones, like the aforementioned K.O.B.E. Collection, a new signature series for Kobe Bryant. In all, well over 100+ items were presented and made the media event one of more expansive exhibit from Nike. Co-founder of Freshness, Dan Hwang, was at location, bringing everyone fresh updates from what to expect from Nike Sportswear in the upcoming seasons in greater details than previously previewed in footwear, apparel, and collaborations. Here is an brief overall glimpse of the event while a more detailed look at each presented product to come in the next few days.

Nike Sportswear  Spring/Summer 2011  Greater China Media Summit

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