Freshness Week In Review: 1/09/2011 1/15/2011

By - January 16th, 2011

Opening Ceremony -Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Lookbook | By Terry Richardson

Freshness Week In Review: 1/09/2011  1/15/2011

If you hire Terry Richardson to shoot your lookbook, you know the focus might not be strictly on the product. Opening Ceremony took that risk for the Spring Summer 2011 lookbook, and the results are typical Richardson: sexualized, with a definite hint of hipster porn. Which isn’t a bad look, but it raises the question of whether it’s time for Richardson to explore a new artistic direction, or whether he should keep continuity in his work. But even those who are a bit sick of Richardson’s work can’t deny it’s a fun lookbook for OC, and one of the best in contemporary retail for the season. The shoot features star-of-the-moment Lindsey Wixson, and yes, there are clothes too – OC works in some nautical stripes, geometric patterns, and a definite Bedouin drapey look for some of the women’s pieces.

» Opening Ceremony -Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Lookbook | By Terry Richardson


KAWS COMPANION “Passing Through” Hong Kong To Connecticut | Installation Video

Freshness Week In Review: 1/09/2011  1/15/2011

Visitors to the first ever solo museum show by KAWS last Summer might have noticed Steve Schinnerer shooting the event. And shortly after the show, his media company Paper Fortress released the video he produced, which took place at the idyllic Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Schinnerer was also on hand for another KAWS moment at the Aldrich, as the artist’s 16 foot tall Companion sculpture was installed on the grounds. The cast in this video isn’t the art world glitterati, but a no-nonsense team of workmen, installing the sculpture piece by piece using heavy machinery. The sculpture, which KAWS first unveiled in Hong Kong (and which is formally titled “Passing Through”) is on display through June 5th, 2011, with an official dedication to take place on January 30th.

» KAWS COMPANION “Passing Through” Hong Kong To Connecticut | Installation Video


OriginalFake Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Sticking with the KAWS theme, this week brought a three-part release of clothing and accessories from OriginalFake. In the most comprehensive collection from the Japanese label to date, we saw a full line of outerwear, a full collection of T-Shirts, and knits, button ups and sweatshirts. Outerwear from the label focused on the more technical side of things, and standouts include a Gore-Tex Windstopper Gingham tailored-style jacket, and a 2 Layer shell jacket with an OF print. In the T-Shirt collection, there are a number of baby-t cuts for women, and graphics draw from some classic KAWS drawings and image mash-ups, which evoke his earlier graffiti work. The other apparel works in some OF all-over prints – which are for the most part tastefully done – and the standard “Chomper” tooth pattern. As always, production numbers are limited, but it looks like the label may be targeting a larger audience this year, based on the breadth of the collection. There are a few pieces that aren’t exactly smash hits, but they are more than made up for by some gems.

» OriginalFake Spring/Summer 2011 Outerwear
» OriginalFake Spring/Summer 2011 T-Shirts
» OriginalFake Spring/Summer 2011 Knits | Shirts | Hoodies


Loopwheeler Multi Colored Cardigans

And finally this week, a company based on an age old technique of weaving cotton has been infusing it’s collection with some new inspiration, with very positive results. Loopwheeler produces its cotton in Wakayama prefecture, on machines which are no longer in production, and which work at extremely slow speeds. The extreme limit on the amount of material that can be produced make this production a labor of love. Loopwheeler is a sought-after partner in collaborations, having worked with Nike, NEXUSVII, and Clarks Originals – among others. But the products the company produces under it’s own label have a sense of amazing simplicity and pure, old world craftsmanship. Loopwheeler isn’t stuck in the past though, and recent collections have included some playful colors, as seen in these patchwork cardigans released this week. Pastel cardigans have been done to death, but Loopwheeler’s creations are a dose of welcome color in January, and are absolutely beautiful garments.

» Loopwheeler Multi Colored Cardigans

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