PHANTACi x Green Hornet – Capsule Collection | Preview

By - January 17th, 2011

Last week we previewed the PHANTACi x New Balance Green Hornet MT580 and now the Taiwanese retailer PHANTACi are giving an insight into the extensive capsule collection. This time the product range consists of t-shirts, raglan shirts, hoodies, trucker caps and baseball caps. All of which uses the Green Hornet themed graphics that are in the same spirit as the aforementioned sneakers. Black and green key colors highlight the collection with the Green Hornet logo accenting each piece. All of the items are currently available at all PHANTACi stores in Taiwan.

No 27, Alley 35, Lane 181, Section 4 | Map
Chung Hsiao East Road,
Da Dan District, Taipei City


Jay Chou, the actor who played "Kato" in the movie is the founder of the brand Phantaci based outta Taiwan so I'm pretty sure he has some pull


ugh, there is nothings worse than taking an un-inspiring movie and being inspired to make clothing based on it. the biggest issue i have is if you are motivated to build your idea around this type a movie, make a suit. that is what they wore. not t shirts with a graphic. that is a cheap way to make money and they wont make much... and how is this a collaboration anyway? did the people who made the movie or wrote the comic give permission and/or input? this kills culture.