FUTURA x 12ozProphet Collection | Preview

By - January 18th, 2011

In art, as similar as in life, boundaries made to be redrawn and iterations that once defined the genre no longer apply. However, through this ebb and flow, a few things remain constant, like the creations by Lenny McGurr, best known by his tag FUTURA, and 12ozProphet, long a go to source for street art info of the past, present, and future. Together, both entities have created the much anticipated FUTURA x 12ozProphet Collection, a series of 3 t-shirts featuring iconic graphical representations of the artist and collage of imagery 12ozProphet provide. Beyond the preview video shown last week, an in-depth video will be launch as well in regard to the t-shirt and collaborators themselves. The FUTURA x 12ozProphet t-shirt will be available tomorrow, January 19th, at 12ozProphet online store.

Release Date: January 19th (Tomorrow!)