Panasonic – Atiba Evans LUMIX GH2 Skate | Video

By - January 18th, 2011

Panasonic   Atiba Evans LUMIX GH2 Skate | Video

Skateboard filmers Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans were recently invited to take part in testing the capabilities of the newly developed Panasonic Lumix GH2 DSLR. Unlike conventional video shooting, skateboard filming is much more rigorous and is demanding on both the shooter and the equipment. The video shows the footage without any color grading to be true to the camera and it is shot in flavorsome nostalgic film mode. All star line up of skaters such as Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Marc Johnson, MikeMo and even Tony Hawk makes an appearance in this video and the flawless editing by Ty Evans makes it fun to watch. The outtakes are just as long as the main video segment and you can watch it in full after the jump.

Wilson Davalos
Wilson Davalos

On every shoot that I work on, you will always see someone on the film crew filming with a DSLR, mostly the 7D right now. The film quality is amazing, because of the lenses and size of the sensor. However people hate using the DSLRs, they are so awkward and are not designed for video. This is hot right now, but eventually this technology is going to move to the something like the Sony NEX VG-10. Panasonic has the 4:3 market on hold, but this camera is not going to sell. Even with its quality. Dope film BTW