Nike Selvedge Chino Black + Khaki

By - January 20th, 2011

There is no question about it: selvedge lines, once the province of a denim purists and the Superfuture community, have gone relatively mainstream. The signature self-sealing edges of the fabric are now a staple style hit and a badge of quality. While not all selvedge is created equal, and it doesn’t necessarily denote a high quality product, it is interesting to note how the fabric makes it’s way through the apparel industry. Nike Sportswear employs some smart designers, and as a company has used selvedge in a number of applications, including an M-65 jacket. Now the company brings it to a chino pant, available in black or khaki. And while a selvedge chino pant might evoke a workwear staple, Nike updates theirs with an NSW signature – the zip welt pocket which we’ve seen on a number of the Destroyer jackets recently. It’s an interesting mix of old fashioned textile craft and high tech, rounded out by an exposed selvedge rear pocket, a zip fly and snap button waist. Check out both colors after the jump in detail. Available now at Cali Roots.


no thank you. strange cut. weird pocket on the side. i expected more from nike.