By - January 26th, 2011

Pagani Huayra 13

Deep within the Andes sleeps the God of Wind, Huayra Tata, who rules the mountain range and fertile land with his wife, Pachamama, the Goddess of Earth. Though calm for long duration, Huayra would whipped up violent rainstorms blizzards when astir.  Similarly, the Huayra by PAGANI Automobili is one of refinement with only subtle hint of speed.  That is till you awaken its powerplant, a Mercedes-Benz AMG produced twin turbo V12, able to generate 700+ horsepower and 730 pound-feet of torque. The second addition to the PAGANI line will churn up roadways at 230 mph with air breaks to assist in stopping, though all virtually unnoticeable to the driver since its interior is appointed with the finest leather seats, steering column, dashboard, and more.  Control gauges and information hub are in polished chrome with hint of carbon fiber application.  Finally, the car’s gull-wing doors complete its image of luxury and speed. More to come as the Geneva Auto Show draws near in March

Pagani Huayra 01

Pagani Huayra 02

Pagani Huayra 03

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First of all.... Ugly. Second, stare in shame. rebuild.


First of all...drool. Second, stare in awe. Wicked vehicle.