Air Jordan 2011 – An Interview With Tom Luedecke

By - January 27th, 2011

air jordan 2011 interview 01

Yesterday in New York City, Jordan Brand officially unveiled the Air Jordan 2011 to a select group of media. Jordan Brand held one on one sittings with the designer of this years Air Jordan flagship, Senior Footwear Designer Tom Luedecke. We first had Luedecke give us an over view of the 2011 where he goes into detail about designing for today’s basketball athlete and the different styles of play, Tinker’s initial sketches, showing Michael the initial plan and merging current technology with fine craftsmanship.  We followed up with a questions on the significance of the pattern, the interchangeable insoles,  Michael’s input  and Wade’s input. Take a look below for the interview and the Air Jordan 2011 presentation with sketches and different parts of the sneaker.


air jordan 2011 interview 02

air jordan 2011 interview 03


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