WHIZ Limited – Roam Jacket

By - February 1st, 2011

WHIZ Limited   Roam Jacket

The latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection FREAXZ from WHIZ Limited have launched and it is influenced by fans that congregated to Wood Stock, who were labeled freaks. One of the highlight pieces from the collection is this M-65 inspired Roam jacket. Layering on top of the plain ripstop material is the tiger stripe camouflage pattern which covers the chest and shoulder sections. Surprisingly the camouflage pattern is digitally printed onto the body using a state of the art ink jet printer. After printing, the jacket is put through a stone wash to give it a vintage aesthetic. Unique multicolored Burst pattern graphic was developed especially for this season and these are located on the hood portion of the jacket. All of the items are currently available on WHIZ Limited online store and at authorized retailers.

WHIZ Limited   Roam Jacket

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