adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott – Spring/Summer 2011 | Detailed Looks

By - February 10th, 2011

Yes, its ostentatious to the point of absurdity. But is it irrelevant? Maybe not so. Designer Jeremy Scott‘s wacky contributions to adidas Originals by Originals collection are not only head turners. They also stirred up primeval emotions among fashionistas and sneakerheads. Call it passion, call it obsession, whatever that “urge” is to flame that pair of cutesy JS Bear into oblivion or draw references of violent acts bestow on any other wearing them, that is the true power of Scott’s designs.

For Spring and Summer 2011, the designer’s outrageous additions again poke fun at the follies of American culture – Giant French Fries track suit, a juxtaposition of obesity inducing fast food versus health conscious lifestyle. Or the Firebird Track Top, a desert camouflage motif with large holes made of metal rivets and crystal, perhaps a statement on transparency of US foreign policies? This subtle critique continues on to women’s side, where for the first time, the collection will have dedicated pieces for the opposite sex. The call for inclusion, the Crop Leather Jacket harks back to the once male dominated motorcycle culture, except this time in hot pink accents. Then there is the JS Bear, which are inspired by Scott’s good friend Kanye West and his bear adorned album cover arts.

Whether these designs are critiques of American Pop Culture or not, we will never know. But as long as Scott is designing, expect an ongoing dialog between the designer and the consuming masses. Look for adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott to drop on February 15th for men’s and March 1st for women’s.

Release Dates:
Men’s Collection – February 15th (Tuesday)
Women’s Collection – March 1st (Tuesday)