Incase Courier Collection

By - February 15th, 2011

The legitimacy of the bike courier is increasingly being called into question; the proliferation of “fakengers”, and the general watering down of messengering as a profession are realities that even real every day couriers can’t deny. But that said, cyclists still a have a need for riding-specific bags that are at least theoretically up to the rigors of courier abuse. Incase has been steadily infiltrating the bike scene, and while it might not have the most street cred with the crustiest of messengers, it’s bags are perfectly suited to those looking for cleaner lines in fully functional bags. The soon-to-be-released Incase Courier collection is exactly that: rugged durability, full functionality, and updated aesthetic. The line is made up of a backpack, fully load-stabilized, with compression straps and U-lock holster, and a traditional shoulder style bag, also with load-stabilization and a U-lock holster. Both feature appropriate interior organization partitions and pockets, along with exterior phone/walkie-talkie holsters. Both are available in black, dove grey, or subtle mint green; with the appropriate sewn on patches, these could probably pass the real life messenger test, and of course would do just fine as an accessory to an Aerospoked Cinelli Vigorelli. Check out both bags in all three colorways after the jump; both will be available from Incase soon.