Porsche GT3 R Hybrid – One Million Facebook Fans Edition

By - February 15th, 2011

The Porsche GT3 sits at the pinnacle of the German automaker’s street legal lineup; a car that is unsullied by Porsche’s foray into the SUV market, or by the company’s compromises to daily driveability that start popping up further down the 911 family tree. There have been a number of variations on the GT3 since the model launched in 1999, but nothing like this – an edition devoted to 27,836 of Porsche’s “friends.” This GT3, in addition to being a race-ready hybrid drive vehicle, is decorated with the names of 27,000 people who took part in a Facebook promotion to have their names painted on the car. The vehicle is now on display, both at the Porsche Museum, and on a dedicated microsite, where participants can use a search tool to find their name on the car. For purists, it’s an abomination. For admirers of innovative marketing, it’s an absolute coup. And Mark Zuckerberg is sure to have taken notice of this use of his site – he may be tempted to upgrade from the relatively modest Acura TSX he is known to drive. Check out images of the vehicle after the jump, and check out Porsche on Facebook for more info.