adidas Originals Blue Collection – Women’s Spring/Summer 2011

By - February 16th, 2011

adidas Originals Blue Collection   Womens Spring/Summer 2011

So what kind of ladies would fit into the lifestyle propagated by adidas Originals‘ newest line, Blue? She is a bit fearless, a tomboy at heart with little care for fashion hype. Still, she’s quite updated on style, timeless silhouettes passed down from her icons like Audrey Hepburn, Erykah Badu, and others. Confident with a soft spot for her puppy, Premiere League soccer players, and sappy romantic comedies, she’s comfortable in Mesoa Leather Gladiator Sandals, orange lining for added flare. Or that loosely fitted Block Stripe Tank with a sexy strapless top underneath. And instead of her Marc Jacobs Parachute Stam Bag, she will opt for the adidas Originals Computer Bag for versatility. Because she knows that life is way too short to be stuck in front of your bedroom mirror, trying out that “perfect” outfit for a night out.

adidas Originals Blue Collection   Womens Spring/Summer 2011

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