United Arrows & Sons x PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida – Unity Briefcase

By - February 21st, 2011

The Tanker style is one of the best sellers from PORTER and the distinctive nylon body gives it a slight sheen and padding provides the soft texture. In an effort to turn convention upside down, United Arrows & Sons director Poggy, aka Motofumi Kogi, combined the creatives at PORTER and B Jirushi Yoshida to conceptualize the Unity briefcase on the drawing boards. The Unity name refers to the unification of the Tanker style which is casual and militant in style, to the briefcase silhouette that is seen in business culture and in the formal environment. The seemingly opposite styles fuse together flawlessly and results in an unique aesthetic. Black or khaki materials are selected to wrap the exterior and two large compartments are placed on one side of the briefcase. In contrast, the interior is all business and it features all of the necessary pockets and slots for your business needs.