OHWOW x Supreme Dill With F*ck This Life | Available Now

By - February 22nd, 2011

They said the struggles in life are just preparations for better things to come. They said there is a sliver lining to all obstacles and complications. What we want to know is, who the f*ck are “they” and how the f*ck they know? Life is full of uncertainties and predicaments that are bad enough to kill you. So for the short duration of existent, why not take the load off a bit with Dill With Fuck This Life by OHWOW and Supreme. The third issue in the ongoing series and curate by skateboarder Jason Dill along with Weirdo Dave, the book gives the reader 68 pages of the same rawness, the same realism of what life is really about in an irreverent soft cover scrapbook form. Now available at all OHWOW and Supreme retail outlets around the globe.

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