FRESHJIVE Spring 2011 River’s Edge | Lookbook

By - February 28th, 2011

FRESHJIVE  Spring 2011  Rivers Edge | Lookbook

If Scott Sternberg’s Band of Outsiders is merely suggestive of his disassociation with his former life as a Hollywood agent, them River’s Edge, the Spring 2011 Collection Lookbook from FRESHJIVE is a true facsimile of a life “off the grid”, known all too well by its Creative Director Rick Klotz. Shot in and around the vast aqueduct network of Los Angeles, where the society’s destitute gathered. Often hungry, often cold, and often on the fringe of acceptable behavior, what’s left are sense of pride and animosity towards the establishment. Could it be that River’s Edge is Klotz’s declaration to the mainstream fashion world he’s no conformist despite he’s recent success. So unfurl that black flag or anarchy and run amok.

FRESHJIVE  Spring 2011  Rivers Edge | Lookbook

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