Oakley Frogskin – Acid Collection

By - March 1st, 2011

The Acid Collection Oakley Frogskin – which we previewed late last year – has now been released. The collection is actually a revision of the “Fade” Collection of Frogskins, a series of five glasses which featured vivid color gradients, and were released over a period of several months starting in February 2010. Oakley is once again heating up the winter – glasses in the Acid collection feature an even hotter color scheme, are packaged with a protective bag in flamboyant tie-dye colors. The Frogskin – such an icon of the 1980’s, and so clearly appropriated by retro madness – is often accused of being a hype badge, or at the least, being severely overdone. And while those critiques may be valid to a point, it also can’t be denied that for the right personality and the right person, these glasses will be absolutely perfect. The Acid series, which includes shades in black, blue, green, orange and pink, is available now in very limited quantities from Oakley’s online store. Check out all colors of the Acid series after the jump.

Carl Razazi
Carl Razazi

Well.. atleast they have their logo on them so the people yer walking by know you didn't pick them up for $10 from the street vendor around the corner....