Reebok Classic Leather Clean Ultralite Pack | Preview

By - March 1st, 2011

Is there a discernible difference between previous Reebok Classic models with rip-stop nylon and this?  There are similarities in appearances, but the Leather Clean Ultralite Pack is quite different in its make.  With injection-molding, Reebok was able to create its proprietary 3D Ultralite, a foam substance that is durable, responsive, and more importantly, light.  In comparison to its earlier models, the Ultralite Pack average around 10-20% lighter than the former.  Its innovative manufacturing process also translates to cost reduction.  Each pair will carry a retail price of $65.  Available is various colorways for both men and women, the Reebok Classic Leather Clean Ultralite will drop at all Reebok Classic retailers starting Tuesday , March 15th.

Release Date: March 15th (Tuesday)