Apple iPad 2 Announced

By - March 2nd, 2011

Apple iPad 2 AnnouncedThe device that launched the “Post-PC Revolution” just gotten an overhaul this morning as Apple announced the much-anticipated iPad 2.  With a surprise appearance by Steve Jobs himself, who is still on medical leave, the new variant is leaner, faster, and whole lot robust.  First, the form factor, while the new iPad 2 still retain its 9.7-inch (LED-lit) muti-touch display, its thinner, at only 8.8 mm, a 33% reduction from its predecessor.  In fact, its thinner than the iPhone 4!  To the delight of many, Apple added 2 cameras, a front facing one with VGA quality up to 30 fps and a rear facing one in 720p HD resolution, 5x digital zoom capability.  To boast a 10-hour battery life, engineers toiled over the innards of it, armed with a new Dual-Core 1GHz A5 Processor.  This allows the iPad 2 to run 2 times faster than iPad. What’s more, a new GPU runs graphic at 9 times the rate, a leap in the gaming and other visually intense experiences.  Several other additions include a 3-axis gyro, improved FaceTime video conferencing, and Video Mirroring, the ability to stream identical video output on your HDTV with Apple Digital AV Adapter (sold separately at the cost of $39).

Comes in white or black, the new Apple iPad 2 will be available in 1 1/2 weeks time on March 11th in the U.S.  There are also 3G models to both the AT&T and Verizon Wireless network.  Next, Apple will roll out the device internationally on March 25th and making it available in 26 other nations, including Canada, England, Spain, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.  Pricing will stay the same (surprise!) at $499 16GB, $599 32GB, and $699 64GB for the WiFi only models.  For WiFi + 3G models, the price will be 629, $729, and $829 respectively. As the event’s closing, Jobs proclaimed “We think 2011 is going to be the year of iPad 2”

Release Date:
March 11th (Friday) – US
March 25th (Friday) – Intentionally at 26 Other Nations

Apple iPad 2 Announced

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