NECK FACE For Altamont

By - March 3rd, 2011

There is something eerily about NECKFACE’s works. Beside the jagged fonts and squeamish figures, they all seemed to be a slight of hand trick done by California-base graf artist. Perhaps because they are practice run to vices – the art of theft where inconspicuous action is needed. For the new capsule collection for Altamont, NECKFACE shared some of his secrets and tools of the trade. The back pockets on the Gabriel Pants are perfect for “up the back” or “drag and drop”, one swoop motion to take something and stash it. After seeing Snoop Dogg‘s music video, NECKFACE decided to recreate his own jersey, the Nightrain. And like Gabriel and other designs in the capsule collection, there are secret compartments for a quick helping and a 5-finger discount.