Armory Week 2011 – KAWS @ Honor Fraser

By - March 4th, 2011

Armory Week 2011   KAWS @ Honor Fraser

After Art Basel, Armory Week is the most significant contemporary art event on the blue chip art world’s calendar. The show, which runs until March 6, features a number of street art darlings, including Ryan McGiness and Jose Parla; the focus, however, is pretty squarely on Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS. Donnelly is currently riding a wave of success: relatively highbrow art like his Aldrich shows and his collaboration with Robert Lazzarini, and lowbrow art like the BAPE x Dissected Companion, which is currently the hottest item in urban vinyl – not to mention the well-received Spring/Summer 2011 collection from the KAWS-inspired Original Fake label, and the release of the KAWS book by Rizzoli. At the Armory 2011 show, KAWS (represented by Honor Fraser – the gallerista who has been a longtime supporter) created an installation largely themed by a series of round canvases featuring snippets of both abstract and Sponge Bob-inspired painted forms. The painting follows the theme of more recent KAWS work, with one notable development being the juxtaposition of the more colorful cartoon-like characters against a black background. In addition to the work on canvas, the KAWS space featured the 11 foot Accomplice character first seen at his 2010 show at the Aldrich Museum. Check out photos of all the new KAWS work being show at the Armory show after the jump. via: AM.

Armory Week 2011   KAWS @ Honor Fraser

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