uniform experiment x KANGOL Pork Pie Hat

By - March 4th, 2011

The uniform experiment collection releasing this Saturday is a widely varied body of work; the garments draw on standard UE inspirations like American, collegiate references, and distressed denim. The most interesting piece of the collection though is the Kangol collaboration: uniform experiment and and the British hatmaker teamed up to produce two version of a pork pie, the classic short-brim hat made famous by generations of hipsters. The pork pie actually first became popular during the Civil War, and was widely worn off-duty by US soldiers in the 1880’s. Of course, since then, the profile has become synonymous with jazz, blues, and ska musicians, which is a perfect explanation for the this item’s inclusion in the Americana theme of the uniform experiment collection. The hat is available in an all-black version with a black band, which exudes an almost formalwear look. Alternately, the ska influence is channelled heavily by a version also in black, but set off by a hatband in black and white checkerboard. Both feature the classic Kangol logo on the band, and both will be available starting this Saturday, March 5th, from uniform experiment accounts. Check out both versions of the hat after the jump. via: SOPH.


how can I buy the last hat with black and white squares?