Trussardi x BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo | Video

By - March 10th, 2011

Exclusivity doesn’t always mean functionality, not the case with the new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, an innovative model which embarks on both function and style. Founded on the premises of Gran Turismo in the past, BMW created the Sports Activity Vehicle, which addresses the few deficiencies of the old. This also made it the perfect platform for luxury fashion house Trussardi to celebrate its centennial.

Not just a “slap-on-logos” collaboration, the limited edition BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo underwent an overhaul inside and out. An exclusive color, Heraldic Brown, was chosen from BMW‘s expansive exterior paint. An application of 3 different layers create a gradient of visibility thus a slight change in color when viewing the car at different angles. Next, elements on the front and the 20-inch wheels all added to compliment with the new look. But true blending of the 2 companies’ heritages really take place on the 5 Series’ interior, where application of Trussardi’s famous leather works covered its entirety in the original Leather Glove Beige colorway. As final touch, Trussardi’s coat of arm is embossed on the headrest while its greyhound logo is painted on the front fender. Each of the Trussardi x BMW will be made to order from BMW Italia and take about 5 weeks for the customization to complete.

YouTube Preview Image