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By - March 13th, 2011

Everything is overshadowed by tragedy on a massive scale this week, as northern Japan was hit with a devastating earthquake, and a resulting tsunami. It’s not yet clear how many lives were lost, but by any measure it is an incredibly sad event. With our sympathy to anyone affected by the event, or whose loved ones were impacted, we’ll do our best to offer a look at some of the other events that made up our week. For a start, we saw the first streetwear foray into stamp collecting, as CLOT released a stunningly beautiful stamp set. And in Mainland China, Nike held a media summit press event this week, which Freshness was on hand to cover. In domestic Nike news, a new batch of Nike iD options was unveiled for customizing the Air Max. And an Air Max creation far more radical than anything created at 21 Mercer was covered in a Freshness feature this week highlighting “junk artist” Gabriel Dishaw. In non-Nike news, Puma released the incredibly lightweight Faas sneaker collection this week, and the collaboration between Supreme and Playboy kept the label in the news for another week. In streetwear news from the West Coast, we saw a strong Spring/Summer collection from Undefeated this week, and in art and design, we saw a video interview conducted by Jeff Staple featuring tattoo artist Scott Campbell, who is quickly becoming a darling of the more traditional art world. And finally, just to keep things light, a black magic marker collection this week that set a new Guinness World Record, from design and branding firm B.I.B. Check out all of these stories after the jump.

CLOT DYNASTY Immortalized Regional Stamp Set

Hong Kong’s CLOT issued a set of limited edition stamps this week. Each set includes certificate of authent icity and specially designed packaging. Only 100 units will be available, to the most devoted customers, at JUICE boutique in Hong Kong.

>>CLOT DYNASTY Immortalized Regional Stamp Set


Nike Free Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

Journalism in Mainland China can be a difficult proposition, but a largely controversy-free media event in China was Nike’s Greater China Media Summit held this week, part of series of formal media blitzes that the Swoosh holds to woo the Asian market. Freshness co-found Dan Hwang was on hand to cover the event.

>>Nike Free Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap


Nike iD Air Max 1 Spring 2011 Design Options & Materials

Nike broadened the palette from which amateur shoe designers can choose, in the unveiling of new options for customizing the Air Max series though the iD program. Among the new options were several new upper material choices, including a crinkled patent leather, and a new translucent outsole option. As always, help is available for those who need a bit of guidance, from the experts at 21 Mercer. And in related news, the latest round of iDRoyale starts today, March 13th.

>>Nike iD Air Max 1 Spring 2011 Design Options & Materials


Junk Art Air Max 2011: An Interview with Gabriel Dishaw

Freshness sat down with artist Gabriel Dishaw this week to discuss his interesting homage to the Air Max. Dishaw has created a series of sneaker sculptures from discarded computer parts and other various interesting pieces of rubbish, including heat sinks, ram chips, mother boards, typewriter keys, and airplane parts. We talked with the Finish Line employee about his extracurricular activities outside of his daytime job, his passion for his art and the process of crafting the Junk Art Nike Air Max+ 2011.

>>Junk Art Air Max 2011: An Interview with Gabriel Dishaw


PUMA Faas A New Series of Lightweight Sneakers

Puma took the grassroots running culture of Jamaica as inspiration in creating the Faas line of lightweight running shoes. They are among the lightest running shoes available, but they are also very well styled, and are a great option for Puma fans who are looking for a fresh alternative to the Clyde this summer.

>>PUMA Faas A New Series of Lightweight Sneakers