ELEMENT CASE – Vapor Pro Case For iPhone 4

By - March 14th, 2011

At a cost of $150.00, this maybe the most costly protective case for Apple iPhone 4 that isn’t bejeweled or gold plated. Introducing the Vapor Pro from ELEMENT CASE, the same company that created the ingenious Joule Stand for Apple iPad. Machined from real aerospace-spec carbon fiber and high grade polymer, the Vapor Pro will not interrupt the antenna signals coming or going from your iPhone 4. Coated with an electrolytic finish proven to be more resistant to scratches, its non-glaring surfaces bear a tactical appearance. Yet, all comes in at a total weight of 22 grams. Packaged with a CNC speed wrench and EVA zipper case, the new Vapor Pro Case is now available at ELEMENT CASE’s online store.


I just received EC Vapor Pro today. It looks awesome. The case is very light! I have tested the Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G signal, they all good. The signal strength is the same as I used to have at the same locations. GPS seems to take just a bit longer to find the signal indoors; however, the GSP signal strength is still good. Wi-Fi speed is suprisingly increasing than before. One down side is that both my high-end earphones' jacks still do not fit. So I may have to mod my earphones' jack to fit to this case. All in all, it's a nice case but definitely not worth $150 (plus $10 shipping). I'll keep it for a while.