mita sneakers x Reebok CL Alien Stomper

By - March 15th, 2011

Donned by Ellen Ripley in the sci-fi thriller Aliens, Reebok “retro-graded” the Colonial Marines’ standard issue for everyday use later in 1986.  Billed simply as Alien Stomper, the parasite dispatching classic from Reebok is now a part of mita sneakers’ new collaborative project.   Wrapped in tonal black pig skin leather with a small tricolor Union Jack on the lace guards and off white interior lining to serve as contrast.  Coordinating with mita sneakers alphanumeric call sign, the sockliner is printed with numerals 2151415. Set to launch this Saturday, March 19th, mita sneakers online store is currently taking pre-orders for keen fans who just can’t wait.

mita sneakers

4-7-8 Ueno | Map
Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan

Release Date: March 19th (Saturday)