Nike5 Gato Street – A Sneaker For Small-Sided Footballers

By - March 15th, 2011

Nike5 Gato Street   A Sneaker For Small Sided Footballers

Try not to let the title fool you, there is nothing “small” about the Cato5 Street from Nike Soccer. With the exception of the pitch size they play on, the athletes of Futsal, Calcetto, or 5-a-side games have identical talents and drive as their professional counterparts if not more. For them, there is the Cato5, sneakers designed with these pick-up games in mind. Think of them as ruggedized trail running shoes but for soccer, Cato5’s uppers are padded and molded to minimize abrasions when players make contact. Its tread pattern design allows omni-directional grip on a multitude of surfaces. Instead of carrying your cleats to work/school, why not wear them? Finally, as homage to the 4 urban centers that helped to put futsal as a full fledge sport, Nike will be introducing unique colorways as highlight to each city’s play characteristics. The Nike5 Gato Street will be available at soccer specialty retailers around the world on April 1st.

Release Date: April 1st (Friday)

Nike5 Gato Street   A Sneaker For Small Sided Footballers

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