BEAMS Plus x Loopwheeler – Crazy Sweat Vest

By - March 17th, 2011

While Japanese fashion giant BEAMS is known for being at the forefront of style and trends, what’s unfamiliar is that the company also produce their own in house label, BEAMS Plus. It is not the first time that BEAMS Plus and Loopwheeler got together on a project, yet this was the first time that Loopwheeler actually used materials other than cotton cloth spun from their loopwheel machines. Parts of the Crazy Sweat Vest consist of 60/40 cloth from US, a sharp contrast to the soft cotton textile. A vibrant, outdoor inspired multi colored in red, green, white, blue, navy, purple and gray. Currently BEAMS online store in ZOZOTOWN is taking pre-orders and these are scheduled to deliver around late April.