Complex – April/May Issue | Wiz Khalifa & Danny McBride

By - March 22nd, 2011

Hard to believe but Complex is turning 9 with the latest April/May Issue of their magazine and to celebrate the 9th Anniversary they’ve selected two of the biggest talents today, Wiz Khalifa, whose become arguably the biggest hip-hop artist of 2011 after his “Black & Yellow” became the unofficial Super Bowl anthem and with his debut major label album, Rolling Papers, scheduled to hit stores in the next week. Right next to Wiz is Eastbound & Down star, Danny McBride, whose been featured in various movies including Pineapple Express and Observe & Report, and whose upcoming movie, Your Highness, is set to hit theatre’s in April. Check out the entire interview and feature from this issue of complex, here, and then hit the jump to check out some more images from this issue as well as a behind the scenes look into the making of the cover story.