By - March 23rd, 2011

If you can get beyond the Doctor Who sounding name, the MP-02 Key of Time Watch is quite an amazing creation. The second addition to the exclusive MASTERPIECE Collection from HUBLOT, the timepiece highlight the bespoke aspect of time. With incessant bombardment of information in today’s ever accelerate world of information, a team of 30 watch artisans devised a method for you to customize the way to tell time. In 3 settings, you can set the dial to “slow” time down, where actual 1 hour is showed as a quarter of an hour on the watch. A second setting allows time to return normal, with each hour correspond accurately as an hour on the dial. The third setting permits an acceleration of the intangible, whereby each quarter hour of actual time is only an hour on the dial. Though the practical application is somewhat limited, the MP-02 Key of Time is really a showcase of the complicated movement developed by HUBLOT for the upcoming BASELWORLD 2011 in Switzerland. Clad in time machine-like Grade 5 titanium, microblasted and painted with black DLC coating, a black rubber strap completes the MP-02 futuristic look. Powered by the 512 parts, 74 jewels HUB 9002 movement with a power reservation of 100 hours (or 4 days), HUBLOT will limit its production at 50 units only.